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More Stars Than the Heavens [entries|friends|calendar]
Classic Evenings

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This is a community for classic actor and actress role play. Come and join as your favorite classic film star. Since this is a new community, most of your favorite stars are still available! The timeframe of the RPG is between the 1920's through the early 1960's.



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[14 Mar 2006|11:49pm]

Everyone there is a special birthday invite you should all RSVP to

WHO Miss Shirley Temple
WHEN April 23rd
WHERE Fox Cafe
RSVP to Miss Shirley Temple

Thank you!!
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[16 Feb 2006|12:30pm]

I'd like to invite YOU to my 5th birthday party!

When: April 23rd
Where: Fox Studio / AOL Instant Messanger

Please feel free to comment ;) Thanks!
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Canceled [17 Jan 2006|11:34am]

Dear Everyone,

Looks like our NYE's party is a no go - Donna's come down with a bad case of measles, and we can't risk it spreading! The rest of the family is still in Chicago, and we don't know many of our neighbours around here that well.

Oh well, I'm sure Gad and I can organise something for Easter - at least both of my pictures will be shot by then, and I don't have any more offers yet.

Many apologies,
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Invitation - December 31st, 1951 [01 Jan 2006|08:22pm]

((OOC: I should've done this earlier, but the idea just came to me! So sorry for the latest everyone))

Gad and I decided that we should throw a New Years Eve Party this year - Peggy beat me to it last year, and I still haven't forgiven her for it! So that means you're all invited, but make sure to bring along your best spirits (and alcoholic ones too!). We've got a great set of charades that Gad picked up at the store yesterday, and I'm sure it'll be a blast! By the way, if any of you have kids, bring 'em along - we've got Donna, and I'm sure she'll love some playmates.


Donald and Gwen (or Gad)
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1949 [07 Nov 2005|06:51pm]

The evening started off a little stressed out. When I throw a party I like to have everything be perfect and run smoothly. Well, first my mother (bless her) was badgering me about her food - she made little hordeurves - I did, and they were perfect of course. But since she was following me around the house, asking me to sample her fixings, she wasn't helping me clean and so I was doing twice as much work and by the time it was all over I felt like I looked a mess. So I changed out of what I was wearing into something else.

Then the guests started to arrive. Gene and Kerry [Kelly] were the first ones, and I saw Howard [Hughes] drive by later on, but he didn't stop in. He lives just 'round the corner. Tony and I are living with my mother right now because she can watch Nicky while we work and it helps us save our money for awhile - we're going to be buying a home soon and you know what that means? (HOUSE WARMING PARTY!) *wink*

We got the surprise of all surprises when Fred and Phyllis [Astaire] stop by. They had phoned earlier in the week to say they couldn't make it, but then there they were. Turns out Phyllis had planned the whole thing - she said, "Wouldn't if be funny if we were to show up unexpected, Fwed?"

Fred obviously agreed and they saw Tony first somehow (he was stuck at the grill while I was in the kitchen [which you have to pass through to get out back]) and Tony, his arm around Fred's shoulders, brought them inside. I nearly dropped the bowl of salad in all my excitement!

Anyone who has children brought them, Esther [Williams] brought her dog, Nicky thought it was someone's birthday and kept asking where the birthday cake was. It was such a fantastic day!

Thank you to everyone who showed up.

Post those photographs! ;)
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INVITATION - Spring 1949 [05 Nov 2005|06:52pm]

Tony and I have decided to throw a pool party to celebrate our recent marriage. We're coming up on our one year anniversary. It's gone by so quickly, we never had a chance to gather friends together to really celebrate. We just had a simple civil ceremony with the families. So you're all invited and bring thee swim gear, folks.
♥the Martins
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