donald_oconnor (donald_oconnor) wrote in classic_evening,

Invitation - December 31st, 1951

((OOC: I should've done this earlier, but the idea just came to me! So sorry for the latest everyone))

Gad and I decided that we should throw a New Years Eve Party this year - Peggy beat me to it last year, and I still haven't forgiven her for it! So that means you're all invited, but make sure to bring along your best spirits (and alcoholic ones too!). We've got a great set of charades that Gad picked up at the store yesterday, and I'm sure it'll be a blast! By the way, if any of you have kids, bring 'em along - we've got Donna, and I'm sure she'll love some playmates.


Donald and Gwen (or Gad)
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