Cyd Charisse (hollywood_legs) wrote in classic_evening,
Cyd Charisse


The evening started off a little stressed out. When I throw a party I like to have everything be perfect and run smoothly. Well, first my mother (bless her) was badgering me about her food - she made little hordeurves - I did, and they were perfect of course. But since she was following me around the house, asking me to sample her fixings, she wasn't helping me clean and so I was doing twice as much work and by the time it was all over I felt like I looked a mess. So I changed out of what I was wearing into something else.

Then the guests started to arrive. Gene and Kerry [Kelly] were the first ones, and I saw Howard [Hughes] drive by later on, but he didn't stop in. He lives just 'round the corner. Tony and I are living with my mother right now because she can watch Nicky while we work and it helps us save our money for awhile - we're going to be buying a home soon and you know what that means? (HOUSE WARMING PARTY!) *wink*

We got the surprise of all surprises when Fred and Phyllis [Astaire] stop by. They had phoned earlier in the week to say they couldn't make it, but then there they were. Turns out Phyllis had planned the whole thing - she said, "Wouldn't if be funny if we were to show up unexpected, Fwed?"

Fred obviously agreed and they saw Tony first somehow (he was stuck at the grill while I was in the kitchen [which you have to pass through to get out back]) and Tony, his arm around Fred's shoulders, brought them inside. I nearly dropped the bowl of salad in all my excitement!

Anyone who has children brought them, Esther [Williams] brought her dog, Nicky thought it was someone's birthday and kept asking where the birthday cake was. It was such a fantastic day!

Thank you to everyone who showed up.

Post those photographs! ;)
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